O3: Developing Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Course Material

The ENOVA course material involves in-depth information about the courses. The course aims and contents are stated.
  1. Typology of Innovation
  2. Open Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  3. Entrepreneurial Personality, Entrepreneurial Teams & Entrepreneurship
  4. Creativity, Idea Generation and Design Thinking
  5. Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Entrepreneurial Marketing
  6. Project Management: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Perspective
  7. Competitive Analysis and Strategic Planning : Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Perspective
  8. Business Planning for New Venture Creation
  9. Business Model Innovation, Value Proposition and CANVAS Business Modelling
  10. Marketing Research and New Product Development
  11. Networking, Strategic Alliances, and Industry-University Cooperation for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
  12. Understanding corporate culture for Intrapreneurship and Corporate Entrepreneurship
  13. Organizational Innovativeness, Intellectual Capital, and Innovation Audit
  14. Financing Strategies for NPD and Innovation

The ENOVA Course Material can be accessed from here.